Streamlining and Automating the Simulation-Driven Design Process

The Exa product suite is designed to provide a complete solution for executing the simulation-driven design process. It includes the PowerFLOW simulation engine, as well as mesh preparation, advanced simulation analysis, and rapid design geometry modification products. The software is architected  to run the computationally intensive simulation processes on clustered multi-processor servers, with high-speed interconnects for the highest possible performance. The interactive applications for simulation preparation and post-processing analysis run on desktop clients that interact with the simulation server. Simulations can be run on customer hardware or on Exa’s secure OnDEMAND servers.


The following diagram illustrates how Exa products support the simulation-based design process:





Exa has always focused on delivering value by providing not only a highly accurate solution, but the fastest turnaround time possible. The faster the process can be executed, the more design iterations and analysis can be performed, the better the performance of the product. Exa takes a holistic approach, seeking to optimize the entire process from mesh preparation through simulation and analysis, with rapid generation of design alternatives. Exa recognizes that the process is iterative and that iterations must execute much more quickly than first-time runs.



All elements of the process use templates so executing the first pass through the process is fast — simply select the appropriate template, enter a few parameters, and the system takes care of the rest. Exa supplies standard templates that encapsulate Exa’s best practices for mesh preparation, case setup, and visual analysis. You can use these templates as-is, or customize them to capture your company's know-how and best practices.


Automatic Fluid Grid Generation

One of the differentiating features of PowerFLOW is that the fluid grid is generated automatically. It is quick to produce, and requires zero tuning in order to get accurate results. With other products, you must carefully tune the fluid grid according to the type of simulation being performed and  specific design geometry in order to get the simulation to converge — a task that requires considerable experience, skill, and time.



PowerDELTA streamlines and automates the mesh model preparation process by applying proven concepts of parametric feature modeling and history tree model management to the process of mesh model creation and update. PowerDELTA supports input design data in all major CAD and mesh formats — at varying levels of quality. You apply parametric meshing features to organize, repair, and transform the input geometry into a surface mesh suitable for simulation. This parametric, feature-based approach enables the meshing process to be easily captured as a replayable template, resulting in very fast first-time mesh creation with human errors reduced or eliminated. Best of all, you can rapidly process changes to the design geometry by reimporting and regenerating the feature sequence.



PowerINSIGHT is a powerful and sophisticated tool that uses user-configurable templates to automatically generate images, tables, and graphs from the simulation results. It provides a graphical environment that enables you to gain insight into the results by rapidly browsing the results, generating live comparisons of multiple runs, and automatically generating reports in Microsoft PowerPoint format.


Automated Optimization

Exa provides tools and algorithms that enable you to characterize the design space or optimize the design according to user-specified objectives. Exa has developed methods that enable the software to efficiently determine the optimal combination of design parameter values with a minimum number of simulations. You can fully automate the entire process.



All Exa products are fully scriptable with Python. This supports any level of automation needed, and facilitates the integration of the simulation-driven design process with other systems and processes.






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