PowerINSIGHT: Streamlining and Automating the Simulation Results Generation, Analysis and Reporting Process



As simulation capabilities have continually increased, the quantity of data produced exceeds the capacity of engineers to extract meaningful information in a timely manner. Little time is available for thorough analysis in increasingly tight design schedules.  A wealth of information is barely examined by engineers leaving tremendous value on the table. Even if precious time is taken to extract meaningful results, sharing this information across and between organizations takes significant additional time and effort. This can often cause either product development delays or suboptimal product quality.


The desire to enhance and improve the results analysis process has been a consistent problem found at most cutting-edge vehicle manufacturers. PowerINSIGHT™ allows users to fully leverage their data and share results with their engineering teams immediately—enhancing engineering communication and early stage design evaluation. PowerINSIGHT streamlines and automates the simulation results generation, analysis, and reporting process and enables engineers to arrive at simulation-based design decisions faster than any other method.



PowerINSIGHT offers a graphical user interface to easily configure and generate company best practice comparative results, interactively browse results and automatically generate reports—all without scripting expertise. PowerINSIGHT provides your team with the tools to maximize the return of your simulation investment and gives them better:



  • Interactively browse and compare run results in real time
  • Quick & efficient reviewing and comparing of vast amounts of results
  • Environment where all information is instantly available for timely decisions



  • Quickly generate compelling reports, with run comparisons
  • Create compelling on-the-fly or standardized presentations



  • Repeatable application of best practice analysis methods
  • State-of-the-art analysis methods easily captured and reused



  • Fully automated simulation post-processing from easily customizable templates
  • Comprehensive, structured, visual results and reports immediately available





  • Organized, managed analysis process

- Structured best practices

- Tree of simulation run results

  • Interactive results comparison
  • Automatic report generation
  • Drive automatic results generation from easily customizable templates




Efficient results review

  • Rapidly navigate results with scene “dimensions”: viewpoints, measurement types, slice position, even time animations
  • 3D interactive Orbit views of model
  • Window synchronization for cycling dimensions
  • Multiple run comparisons stored in the project


Automated PowerPoint report generation

  • On-the-fly report creation direct from content browser
  • Pre-generate standard reports from customizable templates




Full Aerodynamics and thermal analysis

  • Process multiple measurement files per run
  • Full PowerVIZ content support (including sample surfaces, transient data)
  • PowerCOOL results support


Built in, customizable tables & graphs

  • Display any measurement data, run statistics, PowerCOOL results, or imported CSV files
  • Control aesthetics in the browser and in PowerPoint output
  • Compare multiple runs on the same table or graph


Efficient template creation and editing features

  • Centralized results scene definition enables easy template modification
  • Drag and drop template creation
  • Easily share templates with copy and paste across projects











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Synchronize windows within and between runs

PowerPoint® generation including fully editable tables and graphs.

Interactive 3D rotation, even during time animations

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