PowerFLOW: a Revolutionary Solution

PowerFLOW® 5 delivers a revolutionary solution for simulating some of the world's most complex fluid flow problems. Built on unique and inherently transient Lattice Boltzmann technology, PowerFLOW simulations accurately predict real-world flow conditions without compromising geometric detail. With immersive grid technology, fluid grid creation is completely automatic and captures all the details of your geometry, no matter how complex. PowerFLOW’s unconditional stability means you get results every time.


Aerodynamic simulation of a MAN truck using PowerFLOWNumerous transportation industry sectors, including automotive, commercial vehicle and aircraft successfully deploy PowerFLOW for simulating key design problems. Exa offers not just technology, but fully validated application solutions and best practice methodology for aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and thermal management.


The complete PowerFLOW product suite includes PowerCASE for case setup, PowerFLOW server for automatic grid generation and flow solution, and PowerVIZ for analysis and visualization of results. Fully integrated coupled solvers are also available, including PowerCOOL for heat exchanger analysis and PowerTHERM for simulating conduction and radiation.



PowerFLOW has several distinct advantages over experimental methods and traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technologies.


Accurate, Transient Results

Patented Lattice Boltzmann-based fluid simulation produces accurate, transient results and better functional designs. State-of-the-art Very Large Eddy Simulation (VLES) turbulence model and turbulent boundary layer models inherently capture the transient nature of fluid flows.


Fully Complex Geometry

Regardless of geometric complexity, PowerFLOW provides results every time. Fully automatic fluid grid generation saves time and budget. Simply prepare the fully detailed model geometry, set simulation parameters and go!


Rapid Simulation Turn-around Time

PowerFLOW is architected from the ground up for operation in high performance computing environments in order to achieve the fastest possible results. Highly detailed models can be prepared from surface mesh files in less than an hour in PowerCASE. Fully detailed simulations can run in only a few hours. Once the model has been prepared it can be used for many different simulations, including Aerodynamics, Thermal Management, Aeroacoustics, etc.


Scalable Performance

Optimized for performance and scalability, the PowerFLOW simulator scales in clustered environments up to hundreds of cores.


Flexible Licensing

PowerFLOW is available via annual license or pay-as-you-go on-demand, with the option to run on secure, hosted, high-performance systems.



PowerFLOW Simulation of a Porsche PanameraPowerFLOW’s unique technology enables truly predictive simulations of complex flow problems to be performed early in the design process, when product details are still flexible and expensive prototypes are not available for physical experiments. Using actual, unsimplified design geometry, models can be quickly built, simulated and analyzed to deliver concrete answers to design and performance questions. Inherently transient and unconditionally stable, PowerFLOW simulations provide reliable, actionable results every time.



PowerFLOW's capabilities include the following:



PowerFLOW’s ability to simulate true rotating geometry enables practical and accurate prediction of transient fluid flow around rotating components, including prediction of fan noise—something not possible using standard rotating reference frame models.  Other applications include:


• Fan noise & performance: simulations for axial flow fans centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans and cross flow fans; ability to analyze flow rates, noise generation, pressure rise


• Brake cooling


• Wheel aerodynamics


• Pumps, blowers, turbines, mixers and more



PowerCASE provides an intuitive, fast interface for preparing cases with any level of geometric complexity. Since PowerFLOW's fluid grid generation is fully automatic, building a case is a simple process of creating and importing geometry, defining initial conditions and boundary conditions, and choosing which measurements to record during simulation. a powerful template facility is available to streamline setup of even the most complex cases, and dozens of other capabilities streamline the setup process:


• Import and position tessellated geometry from PowerDELTA or cad systems in STL and Nastran formats.

• Create and position simple geometry to complement imported geometry.

• Integrated setup for coupled PowerCOOL and PowerTHERM simulations.

• Built-in equation language for defining complex time- and space-varying boundary conditions.

• Detect and warn of common setup mistakes.


Upon completion of a simulation, PowerVIZ allows results to be quickly analyzed, while PowerINSIGHT allows results analysis to be automated, leaving users more time to assess and test more alternative designs.



For external flow studies, PowerFLOW comes with ready-to-use parametric digital wind tunnel templates. These templates allow cases to be prepared using your own best practices in less than an hour from surface mesh files. They can be customized to conform to your wind tunnel:


• Static and moving ground plane modeling to more accurately reflect real world conditions


• Boundary layer suction point to match experimental wind tunnels


• Specification of a known experimental boundary layer inlet profile



PowerFLOW seamlessly couples with complementary Exa products to perform expanded simulation capabilities:


PowerTHERM®: predicts surface temperatures and heat fluxes generated with fully coupled state-of-the-art radiation and conduction solver


PowerCOOL®: predicts heat exchanger performance and top tank temperatures with fully coupled cooling system simulation model


PowerACOUSTICS® : aeroacoustic noise prediction and analysis



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Engineer your optimal vehicle through simulation alone using Exa PowerFLOW and avoid expensive, late stage design changes.

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