PowerFLOW OnDEMAND: Engineering Simulation at Your Fingertips

Exa PowerFLOW OnDEMAND ratchets high performance up a notch by providing manufacturers with the engineering benefits of PowerFLOW’s simulation software (which offers a complete digital test facility for aerodynamic, thermal, and acoustics testing) and on-demand high-performance computing (HPC) — without the financial, technical, and management responsibilities of owning a supercomputer and associated software.


Using PowerFLOW OnDEMAND, you can:


• Obtain engineering analysis results in hours by leveraging the parallel scalability of Exa software combined with IBM processing power.


• Respond to market demands with a virtual server with superior capacity, at in-house costs.


• Perform compute-intensive analyses that were once financially or technically prohibitive.


• Reduce long-term, fixed-cost commitments while satisfying peak workloads.


• Compete on a larger scale with virtual compute capacity on tap.


• Focus on the core business of vehicle engineering, not IT issues and administration.


The road from engineering design to production can be a lengthy one. In a race where those who make it to launch time first, win — how you get there can determine your product’s long-term success in the marketplace.




An on-demand HPC environment requires an infrastructure of high-speed processors and storage that can provide measurable compute and data storage capacity in a flexible, scalable, and highly secure manner. Instead of purchasing computing infrastructure to meet peak demands, with the PowerFLOW OnDEMAND solution you can offload some or all computation to a remote facility owned and hosted by IBM.


PowerFLOW OnDEMAND has the following attributes:


SCALABLE CAPACITY. With Exa’s suite of products, you can accurately evaluate and iterate designs in ways not possible before. Exa products enable you to quickly modify CAD geometry, mesh, and queue multiple simulations to the server in minutes. With access to thousands of CPUs at your disposal, results can be returned for analysis in a dramatically reduced timeframe, enabling you to generate and test additional designs quickly. With the Exa and IBM partnership, now you can overcome the deployment delays that often made CAE/CFD engineering cumbersome and expensive in the past.


VARIABILITY. PowerFLOW OnDEMAND provides a more predictable return on investment by leveraging a pay-for-use model. Pay only for what you use and return additional resources when you are done. Because charges are on a CPU-hour basis, the cost to use capacity is the same, whether you run ten simulations in one day or ten simulations in ten days. You can say “yes” to any requests or projects now that you can achieve a more appropriate mix of fixed and variable costs, and improve affordability.


FLEXIBILITY. Improve time-to-productivity and return on investment with our integrated solution. You can speed up deployment time for incremental HPC capacity, and delay or even avoid a costly data center upgrade. Using our integrated solution, you can confidently handle peaks in workload, permitting flexible responses to changing engineering and business requirements.


HIGHLY SECURE AND ISOLATED OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. Exa has a highly secure hosted private cloud at an IBM facility for PowerFLOW OnDEMAND clients. Each client’s operating environment and data are isolated from all other users, with clients retaining full control of their cluster partition.


RISK MITIGATION. Combining the scalability, variability, and flexibility of PowerFLOW OnDEMAND enables you to avoid the financial and IT management responsibilities of owning a supercomputer, while reducing exposure to technology obsolescence. Align IT costs with consumption while avoiding up-front capital acquisition and locking in to long-term, fixed IT costs.



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