Use Digital Surface Sculpting to Integrate your CAE Tools with the Design Process

High powered CAE tools can be applied in one of two ways: passively testing a particular design against original requirements, or actively producing design alternatives that lead to optimum performance. Shifting from verification to optimization can mean unlocking an order of magnitude of increased value from your CAE tools.


What’s the difference between using CAE for verification and optimization? The ability to create high quality geometric design alternatives fast enough to keep pace with the ever advancing design cycle, while using skills and budget that can be contained within your department.




Basic PowerCLAY modeling techniques can create design quality geometric features in minutes that can be scaled, tuned and re-applied in seconds.


Your CAE analysis and engineering constraints are difficult enough without having to wait for new CAD data to express your design solutions. This is where PowerCLAY® comes in; offering the opportunity to create dozens of high quality fully detailed simulation ready shape alternatives in a matter of hours. PowerCLAY achieves this massive reduction in the time required to render new ideas by working directly on simulation ready mesh models in a way that gives you the quality control of a free-form surfacing tool combined with the feature interchangeability of a Solid Modeler.


Imagine analyzing a complete set of aerodynamic flow data in the morning, reshaping the entire vehicle in the afternoon, from the front radius of the hood through the shape of the green house to the exit tangent off the deck-lid (trunk), reviewing and tuning the new model with Design by the end of the day and then seeing a complete analysis of your new idea the very next morning. Our PowerCLAY users do this everyday of the week and their vehicles meet or exceed their aero-targets every time.



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Shorten the “Idea Cycle” to impact the “Design Cycle”• PowerCLAY allows you to work out your geometric ideas directly on the PowerFLOW mesh in real time. • Explore your design space without CAD software; create subtle variations or radical new shape iterations in hours rather than days. • PowerCLAY provides the full variety of morphing functionality you need to explore the geometric design space of your application. Click here to open a new window  with images/text on the Voumetric Morphing, Surface Morphing and Exact Translation of Component capabilities.PowerCLAY can create basic new mesh parts• Some design solutions cannot be solved by modifying the existing shapes. For those cases PowerCLAY provides the functionality to quickly create basic new meshed parts with NURBS freeform control without the need of a CAD toolMorph even the most complex details smoothly• Just like PowerFLOW, PowerCLAY places no restriction on the geometric complexity of the mesh. Any amount of geometric detail is easily morphed without added concern. You no have to simplify your geometry just to get the job done. Create large model sets of feature variations in minutes, morph even the most complex details smoothlyPowerCLAY has a model set building capability to support the creation of large model sets made from variations and combinations of the morphing features (for example Design of Experiments model sets).





• PowerCLAY is not a full-scale CAD tool so its easier to use & learn – most are up and running in two days


• Does not require a closed-surface mesh


• Individual lattice points give precise control of the model’s shape without having to introduce additional constraints


• Ability to create new parts from scratch without leaving the application


• CAD accurate shapes and control without a CAD system


• Capable of extracting complete and separate mesh models of individual features suitable for rapid prototyping




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