As the world’s top OEMs can attest, simulation products are not created equal. Accurate, reliable, real-world results require a validated, proven simulation software package with years of research and development invested. These premier simulations demand significant computational hardware resources that are difficult and expensive to maintain.


Simulation has become an

absolute necessity to remain competitive in product design and engineering. To best optimize designs and contain development costs, engineers worldwide seek access to premium simulation software which, until now, may have been too costly to deploy internally.



Challenges hindering full simulation deployment at many companies:

IT costs for HPC simulation environments are hard to predict

  • Difficult for engineering companies to build or scale HPC simulation environments that can meet unpredictable needs
  • Lack of automation and job control for simulations
  • Fragmented project teams
  • Human resource limitations; more simulations with less staff




Access to Exa's Suite via the Web

Access the most up-to-date, complete Exa's suite of simulation tools anytime/anywhere through a web browser


Reduce IT Costs & Time

No IT setup required to access the ExaCLOUD server just log on and access the HPC, secure, servers on a CPU hour basis - you pay for only what you consume


Gain Automation and Control

Manage the simulation process from beginning to end through a state-of-the-art GUI.  Manage queues, prioritize runs with ease


Enhance Team Collaboration

Gain team access to simulations for enhanced collaboration of simulations and results analysis


Improve Productivity

Increase user efficiency with a GUI designed to easily manage the complete simulation process




ExaCLOUD™ provides secure, web-based, access to the complete Exa simulation suite

anywhere, anytime. It is a multi-user system that enables engineers to easily and intuitively manage simulation projects, to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, and use any of Exa’s powerful simulation preparation or results analysis tools with just a web browser. Customers pay only for simulation use. ExaCLOUD provides access to a virtual, secure, high-performance computing capacity, hosted by IBM.


Summary of Capabilities:

  • Access the complete, most up to date, Exa simulation suite anywhere and  anytime with no installation required (including full versions of Exa client software)
  • Access to a  virtual, secure, high-performance computing capacity hosted by IBM
  • Project, run, & data management capabilities
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Powerful simulation results analysis tools




Access the complete, most up to date, Exa simulation suite anywhere & anytime

  • Secure, 100% web-based, multi-user environment
  • Connect from any system with a just a web browser
  • Full, web-based use of all Exa interactive products included at no additional cost Only pay for the simulation capacity you use
  • Exa ensures that the latest versions are immediately available
  • Customer can choose which version of software to run


Access to a virtual, secure, high-performance computing capacity hosted by IBM

  • High performance compute nodes and interconnect
  • High performance graphics nodes
  • High performance disk storage
  • Expandable to meet your needs


Project, run, & data management

  • Project manager
  • Setup and manage projects consisting of hierarchy of runs
  • Project Templates to ensure consistency and avoid errors
  • Real-time project status
  • Automate simulation submission and results analysis


Run Manager

  • Automation of standard simulation work flows
  • Auto stop to minimize run times and costs
  • Real-time job monitoring with a variety of job monitors


Data Manager

  • Central project repository standardizes simulation data storage
  • Easily upload and download files (drag and drop)


Team Collaboration Tools

  • Share Interactive product sessions
  • Review models before running simulations
  • Status available to all project members in real-time
  • Shared file repository


Powerful Simulation Results Analysis Tools

  • Access to Exa’s full suite of simulation results analysis tools included
  • Automated results post-processing with PowerINSIGHT and Aeroacoustics Templates
  • Rapid results browsing with Built-in Movie Player, Image Viewer,
  • Rapid, multi-run, results browsing and comparison with PowerINSIGHT
  • Deep interactive 3D analysis with PowerVIZ
  • Acoustic analysis with PowerACOUSTICS




Paramount to all engineering customers, ExaCLOUD is hosted at a secure datacenter run by IBM Manage Continuity Services featuring:

  • Level 3+ design resilient data center
  • Cisco Firewall
  • VPN required for access
  • Secure HTTPS Connection






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