Exa Professional Engineering Services

Exa professional services are provided by a worldwide group of talented and experienced engineers dedicated to providing fluid flow simulation and consulting services to design and engineering clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. The available services include engineering and other consulting, on-site and remote fluid dynamics outsourcing, presimulation geometry preparation, training, and custom wind tunnel design.


The benefits of using our professional services include complete fluid dynamics project responsibility, fast turnaround, convenient access, conformance with your operational requirements and company policies, assistance with project backlogs, short-term results while waiting for in-house capability to be approved, and state-of-the-art fluid dynamics analysis for companies too small for in-house CFD capability. We also perform low-cost validation studies, providing a clear understanding of the value of an in-house PowerFLOW capability.



• Automotive OEMs

• Tier 1 and small suppliers

• Commercial, heavy truck, and off-highway equipment

• Buses

• Motorcycles

• Trains

• Recreational vehicles

• Heavy equipment

• Aerodynamics for drag, lift, and wake structure (including the underbody)

• Aeroacoustics/noise source identification

• Thermal management

• Wind tunnel simulations for owners /construction companies, including new wind tunnel design, wind tunnel retrofit design, and validation testing



• Fluid flow simulations

• Geometry preparation and modification

• Extensions to PowerFLOW

• Special setups

• Customization of the digital wind tunnel

• Export translators

• Multiphysics coupling projects

• Validation studies



Contact an Exa office near you or send email to info@exa.com.

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